September 26, 2022

Physical Education Laboratory
The Physical Education Laboratory of the University of Isfahan started its activities in 1384 on the lower floor of the Physical Education Office, located next to Nilforoushzadeh Hall.

Facilities of the Laboratory
The facilities available in the laboratory are used for research purposes especially in activities related with students’ research projects and their theses. Following is a list of the available facilities:
1) Different types of caliper 2) Different types of dynamometer 3) Different types of stethoscope 4) Different types of treadmill 5) Different types of ergometer 6) Different types of height gauges and scales 7) Different types of barometer 8) Different types of goniometer 9) the isokinetic device 10) Foot scanning device 11) Electromyography device 12) Respiratory gases analysis system
Terms and conditions on how to use The Physical Education Laboratory:
In addition to being a place for holding Laboratory classes for graduate students, the laboratory can be used by graduate students working on their theses upon submitting a valid ID card together with the appropriate form signed by their supervisor and the dean of the faculty.
Working Hours:
The laboratory follows the working hours of the University which is Saturday- Wednesday.
Contact the Laboratory:
Address: Next to Nilforoushzadeh Hall, University of Isfahan

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