September 26, 2022

Library of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

Physical education library was established in 1995 as the library of the department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences. It started its activities with about 500 donated books on the second floor of Bahramian Hall in an area of 20 square meter. This library, which is regarded as a faculty library and is 144 square meters in surface, is now located on the entrance of Bahramian Hall. About 66 square meters of this space is dedicated to a study hall and the rest is used for different sections such as depository section, reference section, thesis and dissertations section, magazines and journals archive as well as information center.

1. Books: There are 10000 books in this library of which 3600 are reference books and 1500 are in English.
2. CDs: All the CDs and educational cassettes and also the CD attachments of books have been moved to the audiovisual section of the faculty to make it easier for the users to borrow them.
3. Magazines: there are 9 current specialist Persian magazines, 5 current specialist non-Persian magazines and also 30 English journals.
Magazines are only to be used inside the library and can only be borrowed temporarily for making copies of them.


Magazines from previous years are kept in this section in a bound format. Please note that other Persian and non-Persian magazines are available on databases to which the University is a subscriber through the Digital Library of the University at The subscribed specialist database on sports sciences (Sport Discus) is a subgroup of Ebsco database and consists of 552 magazines and 1181 other resources in this area.
4. Theses and Dissertations: There are about 260 undergraduate and 300 postgraduate theses in the library which can only be used inside the library.
5. Newspapers: There are 6 newspapers available in the library and their archive covers a period of approximately one month only.
6. Reference and information center: reference books such as general and specialist dictionaries, atlases, etc., which make a total of 384 volumes, are kept in this section. They may sometimes be borrowed depending on the librarian’s discretion.
Information center:
This section helps students with searching through the database for the subjects and papers that they need. These databases are available at the Digital Library of the University at
Useful Persian databases on physical education:
Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology (Irandoc)
Scientific Information Database (SID)
Persian Information Bank (Magiran)
Specialist Magazines (Noormags)
Useful English databases on physical education:
Ebsco: Sport discus
Science Direct
The following publishers, which are ordered in importance, are also occasionally used:
Taylor & Francis
And in order to search through all of the theses written inside Iran and to register one’s thesis the website of Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology is of importance.

How to Use the Library
All of the following, who are regarded as library members, can use it:
1. Students, teachers and staff members of the University of Isfahan, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and also Isfahan University of Technology
2. Members of the Qadir Project
3. Free or temporary members who have obtained a membership card from the Central Library
Books can be borrowed according to the following rules:
1. Faculty members can borrow 20 books (10 books from the same library) for 60 days
2. Postgraduate students can borrow 15 books (7 books from the same library) for 30 days. The borrowing period of English books cannot be extended.
3. Undergraduate students can borrow 5 books (3 books from the same library) for 15 days. English books cannot be borrowed by this group.
4. Staff members can borrow 7 books (5 books from the same library) for 30 days.
The borrowing periods may be extended as long as half of the periods specified for each group.
Working Hours of the Library 
The Physical Education Library is open from Saturday to Wednesday 7:30 to 3:30 p.m. The working hours are shorter than normal during summer and Ramadan.
Contact the Library
Address: Bahramian Hall, University of Isfahan
Telephone: (031) 37932578


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